Aldnoah.Zero Ep10 – Something Familiar


Maybe it’s just me, but it sure was as though this was commenting on something quite recent. Not that I read news anymore these days.
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Nova’s Fall 2014 Preview


Guess it’s high time for this already. Daughters have been occupying so much of my time recently that ye blogge has had to take the back seat. But worry not, I’ll be rising from the ashes like an alcohol-powered Phoenix for when the seasons change. And with any luck, I’ll be unemployed again! Chart for reference here.
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It Never Ends



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Summer 2014 Belated Midterm Notes


Science is my Jinsei waifu.

Well, only took me eight whole days to finish this one! I apologize for the recent silence, but as you may have noticed from the Twitter traffic, I’ve been busy with my duties in the admiralty due to the recent event.
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Akame ga Kill! Ep6 – How to (Not) Kill Characters


Worst Kanazawa performance since Angel Beats!.

For what I’ve gathered from the hubbub around it, the Akame franchise seems to be largely riding on the fact that a lot of characters die, and once they do they stay dead. This isn’t a bad thing, but there’s a catch: Killing a character is always a gambit move, and there are a billion ways to fuck it up. Just like in this episode. Frankly, I don’t know what the hell is going on with this season, because in the recent weeks it’s like every other damn show has decided to try and challenge SAO II as the reigning king of bullshit.
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SAO II Ep6 – The Thin Glop Line

Since Zankyou no Terror challenged SAO II in the terms of Crap-O-Coaster-school of writing of constantly escalating awfulness and bumbling incompetence, I just had to see what Kawahara-sama had for an answer. And he did not disappoint.
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The Forgotten Trio – Akame ga Kill, Prisma Illya 2, and Zankyou no Terror


Since I forgot all these in the third week post, I thought I might as well give them a little treatment. In case I forget them again when it’s time for the mid-season post.
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After Work Beer Time Micro – Sword Art Online II


Well okay, whiskey time more exactly, but let’s not ruin a good series.

Yeah yeah, I’ve been posting about SAO more than a lifetime’s worth by now, but it’s not our collective favorite without a reason. It’s provoking thought, if only in the same way as when your asshole neighbor slides a sheet of frozen piss through your mail slot while you’re at work.
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Summer 2014 The Third (Fourth) Week Showdown


Man, just as I finished grinding through the first impressions, this shit’s all over me again. And the mid-season post is just around the corner as well, since I took a whole damn week finishing this one.
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Spring 2014 Closing Review


Now that the Summer has kicked off, I might as well take a look back with an overview of how the previous season turned out.
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