Fall 2016 Watchlist


Don’t worry you bastards, I’m still alive. Proper anime blogging has become too damn difficult to me for a variety of reasons, but maybe that will be the topic of another post. Anyway, you’re here for ineducated anime opinions and I’m here to post them, so let’s get this show going. Here’s what I’m watching this season and why.
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First Impressions on Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

The coffee is for Magical Girls only.

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Spring 2016 Final Impressions


Writing this because it is preferable to CAD dispatch planning. Logistics will make anime real. Them containers, man.
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Misaki a Shit

court martial this cunt

>hurr durr we are family
>muh precious crewmates I love you so much, let’s have cake
>you’re important too Rin-chan
>can I be a Miho yet?
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Winter 2016 Season Closing Thoughts


It’s been a long time, my dear few readers who still remain. To be straight, I’ve been struggling recently with a lot of things, and it seems I can’t find a peace of mind to write about anime, even though I am following the seasons the best I can. My normie years are now long gone and it doesn’t look like I’ll be leading a steady life until the middle age or so. But that’s how things go, life is a zero-sum game and sometimes you wind up below the red line. Anyway, here’s the past season in review.
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A Complete Concrete Revolutio Timeline

header 1

Concrete Revolutio is a delight. It’s one of those rare shows that takes chances, is written well, and has the staff and budget to put its good ideas into practice. It’s a sprawling story of origins and conspiracies and relationships stretching over many alternate history years. But as much as I love the time-skips and constant shifts in temporal perspective, even I have to admit that there are times where it was easy to lose track or to fail to connect important plot points. But through a rewatch and copious pen-and-paper notes I’ve managed to help put everything into a better and more complete perspective for myself. So I thought I’d share. This post is a chronological outline of the major events of the show’s first cour/season. With the second half of the story about to start in a few days, I hope that you’ll enjoy this alternate recap and analysis.

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Midseason Update: 6 More Weeks of Winter Edition

bokumachi feb

Yeah, well, despite what the local rodent says winter’s come back with a vengeance here in Pennsylvania.

So we’re about halfway through winter season and I haven’t sat down to compose anything longer than my periodic Twitter rants about why Gundam Tekketsu/IBO is so very, very bad. But fear not, for now I’m finally on it! Been a busy¬†month and a half relocating to my¬†once and future city of Pittsburgh but now that I’ve moved and done a bunch of riajuu things it’s time to get back to what matters. So, some quick thoughts on what I’m watching (and what I need to get to watching already. Sorry, Rakugo.)

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Closing Thoughts on Gakusen Toshi Asterisk and Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry – The Final Duel


For me, this season largely profiled itself through these two ridiculously similar shows that shared the setting, theme, genre, character types, plot structure, and even the damn broadcast time. Seeing how they measured against one another each weekend was probably the single most entertaining thing that happened outside Concrete Revolutio. But the question stands: Which one emerged victorious from this 12-episode slugfest? Let’s have a look.
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Late Season Owarimonogatari Thoughts

temple grounds

The season winds down and the Monogatari saga does as well, with some of its best moments in the franchise.

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It’s Zone Time! Nova’s Fluffy and Festive Christmas Post



Well, those golden days of being blessed every week with a fresh episode of Watamote are long gone, but at least Osomatsu-san put up a good effort by depicting what the merry ol’ Christmas is all about. Hold on to your butts, gents, it’s going to be fun for the whole family!
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