Fall 2015 Impressions Round-up and Watchlist

en voi hyvin 2

My “Group assignment” face at this point.

I guess I’ve sat on my ass for long enough. I underestimated how intense university life would be, and over the last few weeks I’ve seen projects upon projects piling up on my desk. Most of which are “group” ones, which means that two guys do the work, two others slack off, and one puts up a radio silence before delivering a pile of incomprehensible garbage 30 minutes before the deadline. They sure love to whip the freshmen around these days. But unlike in the summer, I’ve at least had plenty of time to watch stuff, so my list isn’t as sad as it was back then.
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Bad Action Day: First Impressions on Concrete Revolutio, Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, Heavy Object, and Rakudai Kishi


It won’t allow me to post without an image, so here’s a Stella.

The new season is here! Or rather, was over a week ago already, but I’m procrastinating as always. What do you expect, I’m a student! Gib tax mony plos.
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Closing Thoughts on Non Non Biyori Repeat, Sore ga Seiyuu! and Working!!!


The Fall season is already starting, so I need to get this done in a jiffy. Here’s the comedy trio.
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Closing Thoughts on Gakkou Gurashi! and Prison School


The season waits for no one, so let’s get to it. Here’s the first pair.
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Charlotte is the worst thing ever created by mankind

The title of this post is an understatement. Humanity is literally unable to create words now and in the future to describe how fucking bad Charlotte is. And besides being bad it also insults the viewer; literally every second of it assumes the viewer is some downs syndrome mongoloid Brazilian. I mean the plot has so many glaring problems that you literally have to be retarded and possibly deaf and/or blind to not notice them. Where the fuck do I even start…


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Fall 2015 Season Preview


It’s almost time.

Alright, let’s get this wagon rolling. Before I sink my teeth into the decaying remains of the Summer ’15, let’s take a look at what’s coming up next.
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Summer 2015 Season Pre-Finale Impressions

Anime opinions is what you’re here for, and anime opinions I shall deliver. Due to reasons given on the earlier post, I wasn’t really able to follow as many shows this summer as I would have liked, and I couldn’t even fart out a watchlist post of the few that I picked. So I need to get this stuff out of my hair before taking a look at the up and coming Fall season.
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Rebirth PSA – Eternal September

keijojen keppanat

Good heavens, it’s that time of life again.

I’m sorry to report that the rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated…is what I’d like to say, but they weren’t too far off. I practically sold my soul and the sweet summertime to the burning furnaces of Babylon in exchange for a handful of shekels by working a repetitive swing shift in a murky warehouse somewhere in the capital region. Furthermore, after moving in (and spending a week in a house full of Hungarians in Korso) it took almost two months to get the internet connection in my new crib in at least workable condition, and even then it took hours to download a single episode of anything that wasn’t Teekyuu. This combined with how constant swing shift screws with your head, and the fact that I’ve remained more or less piss broke since the early spring, resulted in me being outright unable to dedicate any time for blogging.
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Spring 2015 The Incomplete Conclusion Overview


Well, I managed to get my internet to work better by positioning the 4G dongle strategically to the ideal location by the arcane arts of mobile internet feng-shui. This was on top of a door knob. However, torrent downloads are still working barely at all, making me suspect the ISP is secretly throttling them. Which they probably are. Since going back to using XDCC requires way more effort than I’m willing to spend given my connection’s stability being akin to a Mediterranean refugee boat, I’ve had no choice but to prioritize a handful of shows from this Summer season and leave the Spring with whatever I managed to finish. But it doesn’t feel right leaving stuff hanging without at least a proper season conclusion post, so here I go with whatever impressions I got before ISP took Japanese cartoons from me.
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I Put On My Robe and Wizard Hat


Birthday posts haven’t been my tradition since 27 or something, but I thought I’d put together something for 30. But now that it’s here, I don’t really know. But I can answer anything you have to ask about being 30, or at least use that as a pretense for mocking people with dumb questions.
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