Five Stages of Twintail

We’ve gone over this before, hikago. Don’t fight it.

I know you won’t keep yourself from downloading it, hikago. And I know you won’t drop it either. Whatever you do, you will always end up… here. No matter what choices you make, whatever details you alter, *we* will always end up… here.

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Japan Trip II Day 5 – Mount Katsuragi and Mount Kongou


Mount Kongou seen from the summit of Katsuragi.

Man, it’s day 5, but it feels more like day 20 already. It’s funny how it feels like I’ve already been in Japan for a while, even though it’s actually been less than a week. But I digress. Mount Kongou, one of the most prominent peaks around Osaka, was one of my main sights from the start for obvious reasons. However, in its case I decided to rather go for a double, and first climb its neighboring mountain Katsuragi, and then proceed on the so-called Diamond Trail to reach Kongou. Initially I wanted this to be my first climb in Japan, but I’m glad I saved it for the last in the Osaka region, because all things considered before the learning experiences on Mounts Maya and Atago I would have been much too green for this particular feat.
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Japan Trip II Days 3&4 – Mountains, Daughters, and the Sea


Go, my minions!

I expected to feel completely wrecked after my unexpectedly tough experience on Maya, and as luck would have it I spent most of the following night dealing with insomnia in due no small part thanks to my Korean neighbors who just have to keep their door open while chatting loudly, and randomly run around in the hallway until 3am. Did I mention this hotel has no sound proofing? Because the doors are made of sheet metal.
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Japan Trip II Days 1&2 – Encouragement of Climb


How can you say you love your shipdaughter of you can’t even climb her mountain and buy the official t-shirt?

Good evening, my favorite bunch of educated rodents. I arrived to Japan on schedule just in time to miss the typhoon, and made all haste from Narita to Osaka, where I’d spend the next five days. The trip was uneventful, because thankfully this shit isn’t being ran by Finnish National Railways.
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PSA: Screw This Season, Going to Japan


As great as Cross Ange and Grisaia are, the journey waits for no man. I’ll be departing for Tokyo tomorrow, and from there proceed to Osaka, then Hiroshima, and finally, Takamatsu. I’m going to be posting from along the way whenever I can, but keeping up with anime isn’t going to happen. I’ll be back home in Finland by the end of the month. The themes of this trip will be mountains, and of course, film photography. Mt. Misen may have bested me the last time, but I’ll have my revenge! See you on the other side.
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First Impressions on Grisaia no Kajitsu – Nothing Stops Grisaiaman


I picked this show pretty much only because I knew it had Mizuhashi Kaori, and an older sister type with a thing for blowjobs. Never once would it have occurred to me that I’d actually like it.
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First Impressions on Shirobako – The Instant Memory Lane


I didn’t expect much out of this show, maybe something like Natsuiro Kiseki with an anime production team instead of an idol unit being perpetually trolled by a big ol’ hunk of mineral, especially in the wake of the sub-par Glasslip. But PA Works managed to catch me unawares.
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First Impressions on Amagi Brilliant Park, Denki-Gai no Honya-san, and Inou Battle wa Nichijou-Kei no Naka de


Hopefully my new profession.

Time to leave the bad action shows aside and kick back with cute girls, comic pornography, and reaction faces.
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First Impressions on Madan no Ou to Vanadis, and World Trigger – Bad Action Day


Couldn’t think of anything else to go here, so here’s a Souryuu.

Lined up next were these two action shows, and I had room for only one. Thankfully, the choice was easy to make although the result wasn’t quite what I initially expected.
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[NSFW] Baku Ane: Otouto Shibocchau zo! – The Animation

Only the greatest comedy of our times, asshole.

So, hello, I’m punakone, Nova’s drinking buddy and car mechanic. I also love porn. So here I am telling you about this great, so far, one episode wonder called Baku Ane: Otouto Shibocchau zo! and don’t forget The Animation from the end.

Just a heads up, I don’t blog myself and this is a first for me and this is going to be long and full of pictures.

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