Closing Thoughts on Akame ga Kill! and Chaika S2


Hi, it’s been a while. Computer troubles continued to plague me since the last post, and once I finally managed to rig the ol’ sparky back to running condition, it was time to get busy with moving. As my career life ended abruptly thanks to Big Corporate politics, I had to skip towns to avoid paying the rent for something that was now unnecessary, and so here I am, almost 30 years old and enjoying the comfort of Hotel Parents again. Just in time to see the season end, too, and it started with these two underachieving adaptation shows.
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The Ragnarök Week: SAO vs. WIXOSS


Early last week my computer’s SATA controller decided to call it quits, presumably because I attempted to write about Kishi anime. Since then I’ve shared my days with an awful netbook unable to run even Kancolle properly, and a PS3 with no games and a crippling inability to play anything that isn’t .mp4. Hence, because apparently only WIXOSS has timely .mp4 releases and SAO II might as well be raw-watched, my watch list has pretty much devolved into an unholy Ragnarök of A-1 and JC Staff battling it out to see who can produce the most awful anime series of them all (Sunrise is the trick answer, shh).
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Supplementaries: Thoughts on Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso


Over the past few days, each episode Shigatsu has made me increasingly aware of my limitations as an amateur anime critic, and this post has become my equivalent to the protagonist’s piano: I know it’s beyond my abilities, and yet I can’t just walk away from it. Each episode makes me come back to pound in another draft, and then delete it as worthless. It’s like an irresistible inspiration to write a story without the ability to do so, and the next day you take a look at the 10-page draft of incoherent, childish garbage, and wow to never try it again.
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Update on Akame ga Kill! TV – Experiencing A Significant Gravitas Shortfall


It feels funny writing this because the earlier post sung the show’s praises, but that’s what you get in this biz when you give something a positive verdict. You know, it’s baffling how quickly it started to collapse given that the show took a long time to get actually decent, but over the last two episodes Akame ga Kill! has meticulously demolished almost everything that was good about it.
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Impressions on the 2-Cour Wonders – Akame ga Kill! and Sword Art Online II


Akame ga Kill!, illustrating the Bush foreign policy.

Ended up being so preoccupied with the ongoing Kancolle Fall event that I forgot this poor thing in the drafts and actually had to catch up on these shows again to finish it. It’s not easy being a full-time admiral.
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Fall Season Impressions Round-up


This post has everything.
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Japan Trip II – The Last Days


Shigure’s healthy fluids, the best thing on a cold and beaten mountain trail.

So, here we are, the last night of the trip. Tomorrow my flight will depart from Narita around noon, and then it’s home sweet home. Now, I’ll pull a proper summary post when I can be assed to, but first let’s look at the grande finale, which was climbing Mount Miune in Tokushima.
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Japan Trip II – The Intermission


A clear morning in Hiroshima

So it turns out I couldn’t muster enough energy to post since I left Osaka, although my exploits haven’t been that notable since. As of writing this, I am already in Takamatsu and the end of the trip is just around the corner. What remains is the last main event – the climb on Mount Miune, scheduled for tomorrow. After that I will leave for Tokyo and then board a flight back home the next day.
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Five Stages of Twintail

We’ve gone over this before, hikago. Don’t fight it.

I know you won’t keep yourself from downloading it, hikago. And I know you won’t drop it either. Whatever you do, you will always end up… here. No matter what choices you make, whatever details you alter, *we* will always end up… here.

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Japan Trip II Day 5 – Mount Katsuragi and Mount Kongou


Mount Kongou seen from the summit of Katsuragi.

Man, it’s day 5, but it feels more like day 20 already. It’s funny how it feels like I’ve already been in Japan for a while, even though it’s actually been less than a week. But I digress. Mount Kongou, one of the most prominent peaks around Osaka, was one of my main sights from the start for obvious reasons. However, in its case I decided to rather go for a double, and first climb its neighboring mountain Katsuragi, and then proceed on the so-called Diamond Trail to reach Kongou. Initially I wanted this to be my first climb in Japan, but I’m glad I saved it for the last in the Osaka region, because all things considered before the learning experiences on Mounts Maya and Atago I would have been much too green for this particular feat.
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