Madoka Magica Drinking Game – Dagen Efter Drink Toll

With some Desucon folks we decided to have a synchronized watching experience with the drinking game, and here’s the toll. This is of course somewhat spoilertastic, so be advised. All in all it could have been more hardcore, but with the Extra Stage mode included it was more than a match if you were playing with some real alcohol. Personally I used a mix of ouzo and dark rum shots. Here’s the total:

Tier 1 – I’m too young to be Meguca
Offer you can’t refuse: Every time Kyubey proposes making a contract = 1 drink total.
Protagonist Angst: “I’m not good for anything” = 1 drink total (2 if you counted every line).

Tier 2 – Hey, not too rough
Death Toll: Someone dies = 2 deaths, thus 4 drinks total.
Ragin’ Shinbo: Witch Sayaka is made of paperboard = 2 drinks total, Shinbo sure didn’t let me down on this one.

Tier 3 – Derp me plenty
Remember Kids, Just Say No: Madoka is still not Meguca = 3 drinks total. And 20 years later…still not meguca.

Extra stage
I Told U I Was Hardcore: Every time someone says “mahou shoujo” = Counted a total of 11 times, thus 11 drinks.

Drink total (w/o EX Stage): 11 drinks
Drink total (w/ EX Stage): 22 drinks

That’s the ballgame this week, see you next time! Also, if during EX Stage you thought even once “Not wide enough“, your toll is 28. Enjoy the liver transplant!

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  1. Drasa
    Posted March 4, 2011 at 22:27 | Permalink

    TEH drifnkin game iss over but sklepulation continnitunes.

  2. ubiquitial
    Posted March 4, 2011 at 23:58 | Permalink


    And I believe it wasn’t shinbo who did the key animation for that scene, not sure. Besides, the series doesn’t give off most of those shinbo-isms we know and love.

  3. Posted March 5, 2011 at 00:09 | Permalink

    How’s this for an extra stage:
    One drink for every “Kyubei” mention on the post.

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