Manipulation and Trickery? Cloudy With a Chance of Mud – AniBlog Drama Continues

With the ABT crew dealing with drama popping up left and right like some horribly twisted version of Whack-a-Mole, the thrill ride has only began for the rest of us. I’ve had disappointingly little time to follow the whole shebang myself, but as I happened to make a stroll, something caught my little eye

With 213 comments scored on the following thread my drama sense was immediately sent off the scales, and subsequent skimming through the comment thread revealed stuff so juicy that even a Medium-Rare ribeye could only hope to compete.

Long story short, Chocolate Syrup Waffles was disqualified for (being accused of) rigging the polls. The official explanation from the ABT staff goes as follows:

The poll goes up and everything looks fine. At least, for about 5 minutes. Then suddenly, in the space of the next 10 minutes, CSW Blog received over 200 votes. None of the other polls had even gone into double figures yet. A quick check of the stats on the tourney revealed that there were no signs of any spike in visitors as would be expected from that vote influx. There were clear results of someone bypassing the tourney normal procedures to rack up massive amounts of votes. With that, we closed the poll.


Back to the present, we set about investigating what had occurred in the poll, but instead were bombarded by messages by Spiral on in the comment section, with threats against us, threats to attack other anime blogs, and various accusations made against the tourney. The explanation for the increase in votes came soon enough, albeit from third party sources rather than Spiral himself. Spiral had put a link to the poll inside a popular gaming stream. It was just a link to the poll, which is why there was no increase in the stats on the website. Meanwhile Spiral was claiming that in the comment section that CSW had over 10,000 views per day and that’s why they were getting all the votes.

Some bright guy gets a clue…

So obvious cheating is obvious? Some beg to differ. Of course, CSW’s Spiral and Jubbz are having none of this, and so begins the landslide of insults and madness…

Burn the bridges! Burn!

The houses!

The women! THE CHILDREN!


Just to be fair, he’s a long-ass response by Spiral regarding the incident, though posted well beyond the point of any salvage. Here’s the bottom line…

That being said, on behalf of CSW and myself, here is our official statement:
“We are saddened to see everything come down to this and that people would accuse of manipulating the votes. We have done our best to contact the people responsible for this decision but to no answer. However, as we have no power in the tournament, we would have to accept that we are DQ-ed and out of the tournament after no notice. However, we wish our best of luck to everyone still in the tournament and our opponents Sekijitsu who deserve more than anything to get far in the tournament. Cheers.”

With the last comment posted on the 22nd, the drama has concluded, with all involved parties covered in feces, and knee deep in the uric acid of bitterness. Personally I hate having missed this in favor of endless grinding in World of Tanks, but can’t win ’em all. Looking forward to the next round.

PS. Here’s some good background music while you skim through the drama and rage.

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  1. Posted April 24, 2012 at 19:52 | Permalink

    Ah, it’s such a shame I’m not all too familiar with the english anime blogs. The german blogosphere is just so ridiculously boring and mind bogglingly stupid that I somehow feel left out. Geez.

    But still, you’re doing a god job so far covering all the important aspects or in other words: What I want to read about. This is just like Big Brother with all the hilarious accusations and people neglecting each other. The true winner of all of this is probably the one who got the most people pissed off.
    Seriously, it’s just like Big Brother:
    – “No, I did not!”
    – “Is this the truth? Is this a lie? Let’s take a glimpse at our recordings, dear viewers!”
    There’s just one huuuuuuuuge mistake Scamp made: He forgot to set up all the cameras. We will never know who the Macbeth of this tale of hatred and suffering is. It’s a viscious circle, I’m telling you.

    Btw, if it’s that easy to get people disqualified, then you have a good chance of winning this tournament, NovaJinx.

    On a rather unrelated sidenote: This guy is currently working on an upcoming anime.

  2. thresholden
    Posted April 24, 2012 at 20:09 | Permalink

    Secretly it was Jinx who rigged the voting poll, just so he could write this post.

  3. NovaJinx
    Posted April 24, 2012 at 20:13 | Permalink


    Scamp still seems to have the strange idea that people would just play nice and pat each other’s asses. Some relevant IRC discussion…

    [13:02] < @Kurogane> when i checked it at 152 it was pretty dorama enough
    [13:02] < @Kurogane> the guy from CSW was threatening people left and right
    [13:02] < +NovaJinx> heh
    [13:04] < @Kurogane> well, 5camp is an idiot
    [13:04] < @Kurogane> what, does he think everyone will sit down and play nice? hahaha
    [13:04] < +NovaJinx> unfortunately
    [13:04] < +NovaJinx> that’s exactly what he’s thinking

    [13:33] < +NovaJinx> oh god
    [13:33] < +NovaJinx> Spiral
    [13:33] < +NovaJinx> is lashing out at everyone
    [13:33] < +NovaJinx> anyone
    [13:33] < +NovaJinx> this is complete madness

    Also, Finnish ‘sphere isn’t any better, if that’s any consolation. Stuff as awesome as this could never happen there.



  4. Posted April 24, 2012 at 22:27 | Permalink

    I pretty much agree with you and Kurogane on this point (though I don’t consider Scamp as an idiot), the whole tourney stuff was bound to fail. It’s like creating a poll on 4chan and expecting serious reactions and fair play. The idea is nice in theory (even thought it’s flawed as hell) but you should always know about what your audience is like. With more than hundred blogs participating, there’s no way in hell that everything would go alright.

  5. Posted April 25, 2012 at 02:32 | Permalink

    He’s stupid enough to make this tourney, that’s enough for me to call him an idiot.

  6. Posted April 25, 2012 at 09:35 | Permalink

    He’s stupid enough to make this tourney, that’s enough for me to call him an idiot.

    He’s stupid enough to make this tourney, that’s enough for me to call him an idiot.

    He’s stupid enough to make this tourney, that’s enough for me to call him an idiot.

    He’s stupid enough to make this tourney, that’s enough for me to call him an idiot.

    He’s stupid enough to make this tourney, that’s enough for me to call him an idiot.

    Multiquoting for truth. Scamp is quite the deluded aspie. He is the Aaeru of anime blogging.

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