Closing Thoughts on Flip Flappers, Fune wo Amu and Occultic;Nine – Unfinished Business

My work ended ahead of schedule but I’m still hard pressed to get on with the new season, so to save time and effort here’s the remaining trio from the past season all bunched up.

Flip Flappers

I really liked the colorful style of the show, and that it kept a fairly coherent storyline from start to finish instead of losing itself in its own visual gimmickry like some other similarly styled shows from the past (see: Rolling Girls). While I didn’t like neither Cocona or Papika too much, the Pure Illusion sequences and some well placed likeable supporting characters made up for the protagonist duo’s lack of charm. The true highlight of the show were of course the Pure Illusion sequences each of which had a pleasingly different theme, and occasionally oomph-y action on the side. I can only applaud the art director’s keen eye for compositions that effectively conveyed the atmosphere and mood of each Pure Illusion. My personal favorite was the neon-lit techno-city straight out of the Shadowrunverse’s Matrix.

While I did like the plot for the most of it, the finale arc felt like it broke the mood of the show with the exposition of Mimi’s dark past. The ending felt somehow both rushed and protracted at the same time, with the final episode feeling like it was seriously overstaying its welcome and was mostly filled with fluff they just had to come up with after the solid penultimate. Overall though Flip Flappers was perhaps my favorite of the past season that pleased me also as a photography enthusiast thanks to the beautiful Pure Illusion sceneries. Crafted with a solid artistic eye and executed with competence and good taste. Archived.

Yayaka was the best Flip Flapper.

Fune wo Amu

Welcome to hell.

Reminded me a bit of the days of old when noitaminA meant something. Fune wo Amu’s greatest strength was its novel setting married with the post-Shirobako trend of exploring the everyday workings of creative industry. Compared to anime production, editing a dictionary takes a glacial amount of time, and so the plot of the show spans several years. Overall it’s a very pleasant watch with likeable characters and a mellow atmosphere. Having said that though, it also felt that the show was ultimately pretty thin on content. While I certainly enjoyed its slow and steady, dramatics-free atmosphere, it passed on a lot of chances to make things a little more interesting. The show was extremely unceremonious about its plot elements, such as the relationship between Majime and Kaguya being little more than a simple statement of fact after the date scene, although I suppose this could be taken as a thematic choice to highlight the banality of everyday life. Fune wo Amu avoided the melodrama and getting sidetracked, but it didn’t go into any depth regarding any of its characters or other story elements, and hence felt a bit too shallow for something as thoughtful as it was. Nice, but rather forgettable.


The show that I wholly expected to take the whole season only to be betrayed in the end. When it came to style, no other show in the season could match Occultic;Nine with its heavy-handed editing, super fast dialogue, quirky visuals, and an excellent soundtrack. Yet as dialogue-heavy as the show was, it never got too overwhelming or stagnant thanks to keeping the talking heads concise and to the point, while advancing the plot at full throttle.

>the Helios ending

Unfortunately O;N became one of the shows that completely imploded in the finale. As its plot hastily concluded, it left a bunch of elements just hanging in thin air half-developed and never properly finished. The prophetic doujin author, the silver-skinned boy and his murder boxes, the incestuous black magic girl, and the true form of whatever the evil society was trying to achieve were all left without any sort of conclusion. All the show did was provide a very brief epilogue featuring the Basara gang. It reminded me of REDLINE – you’re having such a great time watching it until suddenly it just ends and you wind up staring at the ending credit roll like an idiot, still waiting for the grande finale because your mind refuses to accept the absurd reality of the situation. While Flip Flappers could be forgiven for its mediocre finale, Occultic;Nine just felt like a scam. Unless there is a second season coming somewhere down the line, I consider O;N’s hasty hodgepodge of a finale a fatal mistake.

Well, that’s it for the past season. Onwards to better times!

Such times indeed.

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