First Impressions on Gabriel DropOut, KonoSuba 2, Minakama, and Urara Meirochou

Belated as always, but here’s a bunch of comedies to open the season with.

Gabriel DropOut

BEFORE: Fresh out of the University.
AFTER: 5 years in corporate life.

As expected of Dogakobo’s tried and true all-girl-comedy crew, Gabriel DropOut starts out with rock solid performance, and I would accept no less. Whether it can reach Love Lab’s level of brilliance remains to be seen, but the setting does offer a variety of options. The NEET/good for nothing protagonist setup has been a somewhat contested territory in the recent years though, so just the usual level of anime comedy writing isn’t going to make any lasting appeal. But I have faith in Dogakobo’s prowess and am expecting this to be a strong contender for my personal favorite of the season. Bonus points for Hanakana in full dick destroyer mode.


KonoSuba 2

The circus is back on the road.

Seems to be the most anticipated comedy among my respected anime girl faced Twitter peers. While I didn’t find the first season as funny as it could have been, it had a handful of brilliant gags that made sitting through it worth the trouble. Can’t say whether they’ve improved the comedy for the second season just yet, but at least the first episode gave some hope. Being Kazuma is suffering.

Minakama (Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-bu)

Off to a great start.

Cute girls riding bikes, take two. Long Riders! had a troubled production and went on a broadcasting hiatus, so the timing for Minakama could not have been more fortunate. I will miss Naobou’s lead, but Minakama brings the Bakuon Hana’s seiyuu on board, and her character is almost as demented as her motorcycle-oriented predecessor. Other than that the voice cast strikes with a variety of fresh names which is always welcome. Minakama also enjoys JC Staff’s typically solid production values and throws some impressive sceneries together with decent character animation, even though the clumsy CG rears its ugly head here and there. How it truly measures up to its two-wheeled peers of the recent past remains to be seen though as some of the characters are yet to be introduced, and it’s the character writing that either makes or breaks shows like this.

Dat end card tho.

Urara Meirochou

I expected this to be Gochiusa with the cafe setting changed to fortune-telling, and wasn’t disappointed by what the first episode delivered. Cute girls did cute and funny things, the comedy worked, the characters were adorable, and the fanservice focused on midriffs, the area for true patricians and respectable gentlemen. Good going, JC Staff.

Truly a time to be alive.

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