First Impressions on Seiren – The Winter Offensive


The first episode was pretty slow, but the second one’s where the ride got started. Shouichi’s defence is piss weak even for Amagami protagonist standards, and this is not to mention his neutron star level density. Overall this appears to be one of those shows where the main girl has more balls than the protagonist. She’s certainly on full offense.

Now I’m a complete loser for Sakura Ayane’s silky soft voice and that’s what I’m here for, but overall Hikari revs my engine more than I’d like to admit.

Please, I don’t want to have to hand the show over to Punakone.

Never fear, Captain Neutron Star to the rescue!

The show seems to be going for the same pattern as Amagami, which means we’ll probably have only one or two more episodes of Hikari goodness left. I certainly hope the remaining two girls have a hefty amount of appeal, lest the show repeat the mistake Amagami did, which was playing the Sexhair ace card early and the rest felt like a drag in comparison. The protagonist’s blaring lack of charisma is the biggest problem with Seiren, but at least so far Hikari has more than made up for it. Let’s see how it keeps up.

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