Closing Thoughts on Kono Suba 2 – Mr. Kazuma and the Girl Without Underwear

I forgot that the first season was only 10 episodes and therefore didn’t expect the S2 to already deliver its grande finale. But oh well, more time for rewatching Outlaw Star.

There isn’t really much to say about Kono Suba 2 as it didn’t change for the better or the worse from the first season aside from having a slightly better ratio of good gags mixed into all the awful ones. As before, the show’s approach to comedy is to throw gags at the wall to see what sticks, and most of them don’t. But every now and then it delivers something genuinely hilarious, and these golden moments are worth skimming through all the repetitive groaners like Darkness’ ドM shtick which has been done to death and beyond by now. Yunyun really deserved more DEBAN though. If you couldn’t deal with all the bad jokes in the first season, then rest assured the second one makes no effort to differentiate.

This time DEEN allocated some more decent budget into the effects department, and as a result Kono Suba 2 had some pretty beefy albeit scarce action scenes. Far better than the clockwork CG-hell thing I already forgot about.

The punch of the season.

Third season? Why not, but preferably not until after a few cours to wash off the terrible taste of all the garbage gags we had to put up with. DEEN has always been my preferred flavor of shit.

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