Closing Thoughts on Gabriel DropOut and Urara Meirochou

That’s it for the x girls doing n things comedy duo. These two played a significant part in keeping at least a bit of my sanity intact while riding my soon to be trainwreck of a career. Lately all I’ve been hoping for is falling into a coma and waking up in September when this hell is finally over. Nothing good has ever come from following ambition, but I just don’t seem to learn that lesson. Thank god I still have my Japanese animes.

Off to a great start.

Gabriel DropOut was admittedly somewhat stale given the past merits of its production crew, though not bad overall. Its comedy repertoire had far better success rate than KonoSuba, and being a hefty supply of reaction faces is never a thing to overlook in anime reviewing. Satanichia and Gabriel were easily the best of the lot, especially when paired together for a comedy routine.

Not one of Dogakobo’s strongest works, but a decent seasonal comedy. Now then, on to JC Staff…


Urara Meirochou took some time to grow on me, but I loved it from around the halfway on. My initial mistake was expecting it to be a differently themed GochiUsa, while Urara was actually plot-driven rather than being purely a feel-good gag comedy. Given this its biggest minus point was the sluggish storytelling that only got going towards the end of the season, and because of this the first half of the show was admittedly cute but felt somewhat aimless.


While Urara did have a lot of cutesy and comedy moments, it didn’t put as much effort into either as I would have liked to compensate for the glacially moving plot. That’s why I found it to be much more enjoyable when watched several episodes in one go rather than one at a time each week. I wish the exposition on Chiya’s background had come sooner than it did, but better late than never. I must commend the show for resisting the urge to go the whole nine yards into the grimdark for easy shock value, and I hope there will be a second season to build upon the mystery elements of the finale arc. All in all cute girls did cute things, and I am more than satisfied. Koume is the best Urara.


The new season is at hand, and thank God it is. I can only hope to have the time and energy to be enjoying it, as right now work is leaving me lethargic and drained as soon as the daily 8 hours are up. I can’t sleep at night, and still I feel barely awake during the day. Career life is a gift that keeps giving. Why did I ever even get university level education? Fuck this white collar hell.

I know this feel better every passing day.

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