Spring 2017 First Impressions and Watchlist

Girls be ambitious.

I ended up getting a pretty late start on the season, but on the other hand this made it easier to judge the shows a little bit before placing them on the watchlist. As always, work is weighing heavily on me although the worst should be over soon. Just got to think of the money and how all of this will feel like a distant bad dream when I’m chilling and burning film in Kyushu this Christmas.

Danmachi Gaiden
Maybe the protagonist gets painfully killed later.

Hello there again, Misaki. Haifuri was supposed to be over.

Let’s face it, Danmachi was an unexpectedly solid show all round but most of us were in it for the nastro azzurro. Now if one were to remove that certain attraction along with nearly every other endearing character and the protagonist who was kind of a wimp but did his best to get better, and to replace that with the love interest chick with the personality of a sack of turnips whom originally got thankfully little screen time and a whiny no-can-do proto-yuri chick for a new protagonist…well, let’s just say we can consider ourselves lucky we still have the hot tanned twins around.

Frame Arms Girl
I expected nothing and I’m still disappointed.

Y-you too.

Come to think of it, why did I even pick this up? Clunky CG animation with no sign of a plot and pretty badly executed battles. I know you can’t do wonders with a shoestring anime budget when it comes to CG, but money or technical limitations are thin excuses if you can’t even write the excitement into a fight. Gourai is cute though, I’ll give you that.

Do it for her.

Hinako Note
In case of low sanity points, break glass.

Good Hinako, you look kinda cool.

The obligatory healing type show, this time with a stage acting twist. The main girl is a pretty standard good girl stereotype, although with an unexpectedly curvy body for the genre. The rest of the cast has their own individual cute quirks, with the Konata appearing to be the potential BAST GRILL. The OP and ED are both stupidly hyper and equally adorable and annoying at the same time. Lastly, once again, surprisingly steamy fanservice…

Little Witch Academia (cour 2)
The best show in the season is the one from the last season.

Ursula a best.

Exploding knees!

Re:Creators is what happens when a LN adaptation crew gets together to brainstorm for as many super awesome elements they can think of and a dumb intern actually sends the whole damn list to the producer. And this isn’t even a Sunrise show. So we get playing a violin with a saber and a PPSh-41, a mage using summoned missile launchers, mechas, reverse isekai setting, and some sort of watered down Madoka for good measure. This in the span of the first two episodes, who knows what sort of absurdity still lay ahead? Fights are quite pleasing, and overall the show is far more polished than what I expected from the synopsis. Not a bad start at least.

Sakura Quest
A job with a purpose.

Why play with the cards you’re given when they can’t even make a legal hand?

Character designs straight outta Shirobako, although unfortunately the rest of the cast is not. Hard to tell yet which direction the show is headed, but the third episode resonated with me almost too much for comfort. As it turns out, I’m currently dealing with a dozen of grizzled workers who all agree that their job sucks, yet vehemently oppose attempts at improving it while simultaneously complaining how nothing is ever done and management doesn’t care. I used to respect the floor above all else, now I only wonder when was it that these people got their balls snipped. At least the ones with a spine quit and gave their spots over to fresh meat. When I think about this lot of crybabies in 30 to 50-something male bodies, I can only hope the humanity gets purged in nuclear fire at the earliest opportunity. As for Sakura Quest, it’s pretty good so far.

I ask myself this every day.

Uchouten Kazoku
Top 10 Anime Pranks Gone Wrong.

Just like a tanuki to bring an oni into a gunfight.

Same great stuff as the first season: Laid-back and likeable protagonist, colorful and lively art, great music, and an easygoing mood. Not much Benten yet, but it’ll be worth the wait. Wait, I shall.

Can’t wait to see her teach Mr. Daddy Issues some manners.

Warau Salesman NEW
The OP is the most memorable part.

Not very thoughtful for a thoughtful show. The premise is interesting but the weekly two stories are pretty shallow and generally lack any observation beyond “People are greedy and lazy idiots“, which is a truism everyone figures out a week into their first job. The only memorable story so far has been the latter part of the second episode where the young salaryman turns into the kind of dickwad nightmare boss he was originally running way from. Personal experience shows this is a common issue for young starry eyed graduates. Remember, some humility goes a long way preventing unwarranted self-importance. Which may seem ironic for me to say given how I just badmouthed a bunch of unruly floor workers, but I digress.

There’s the line-up. I’ll be off to prepare for another day of daycare for middle aged dudes. Wish I at least got a daycare worker’s salary, but that’s what I get for choosing the private sector heavy industry.

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