Eromanga-sensei 01 — Donald Trump did nothing wrong

IRC logs count as blogposts right? I didn’t even proofread this. It’s probably better written than the avarage light novel including this piece of shit.

<JTFish> the show is another love live sunshine
<sage|work> …
<JTFish> except worse
<JTFish> like
<sage|work> How?
<sage|work> Ok can you like
<sage|work> Write that
<sage|work> But like
<sage|work> In a post?
<JTFish> the plot of the first episode is so goddamn similair to the plot of the first episode of oreimo
<JTFish> down to the fucking screenplay
<JTFish> like
<sage|work> Dude
<sage|work> Write the fucking post
<+hikago> one word
<JTFish> first half of the ep shows their past and how he hasn’t really interacted with her once she became a teen
<+hikago> are the best
<JTFish> just like in oreimo
<JTFish> then
<JTFish> second half of the ep
<+hikago> oh god
<+hikago> why
<JTFish> is him choking on his sister’s dick in her room
<JTFish> giving her compliments
<JTFish> just like oreimo
<JTFish> also the reason he didn’t interact with his sister ever since she became a teen is just swapped around
<JTFish> like in oreimo he didn’t interact with kirino because she was a bitch and treated him like shit
<JTFish> in this she’s shy and ignores him because she’s a hikki
<JTFish> also the worst part is that it showed supporting characters in the background
<JTFish> and one of them was an obvious kuroneko expy
<JTFish> also the girl in the manga shop was the childhood friend
<JTFish> archtype
<JTFish> not the publisher
<JTFish> also i’m guessing the girl that showed up after the credits is ayase
<JTFish> it’s literally the EXACT SAME STORY with details shifted around
<JTFish> it’s more obvious than love live sunshine
<JTFish> anyone that has watched oreimo and doesn’t instantly realize this is LITERALLY retarded
<JTFish> oh also
<JTFish> the only thing that kept kirino from being a mary sue was her shitty personality
<JTFish> but her character was retarded because it made no sense, what the hell was her motivation for being intrested in porn games aimed at dudes
<JTFish> she had absolutely 0 perverted qualities
<JTFish> same thing with this girl
<JTFish> why the fuck is she drawing perverted shit if any mention of sex makes her mad
<JTFish> the only way it would make sense would be for the money, but she’s not contributing to the household
<JTFish> and doesn’t seem to be wasting money

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