Spring 2017 Conclusion

I wish I could say this blog wasn’t dead, but working life has left me a dried husk of a man I used to be and I struggle to find energy for any pastime activities. But I have been keeping up with the season the best I could, and here are the results.

As for other pastime activities…

Show of the season: Uchouten Kazoku S2

There hardly was any contest here. Godlike Noto, excellent soundtrack, carefree and lighthearted atmosphere, and quirky characters. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy every time.

Runner up: Little Witch Academia

As expected, Trigger threw in everything and the kitchen sink to make the finale as frantic and over the top as they possibly could, and I’m one of the “Speed corrects all mistakes“-school of thinking so it certainly worked for me. With Sword Oratorio’s even worse than expected limp-wristed finale, I certainly had the appetite for a show that knows grande finale means something.

I expect nothing and I’m still disappointed: Danmachi Gaiden: Sword Oratoria

I didn’t think the franchise had a worse character than Ais herself, but it did.

My fighting spirit was already dealt a crushing blow when I realized this was not a sequel to the first season. The things that made the original Danmachi anime shine were the underdog protagonist setting and slick action sequences. Bell, a weak and poor wimp whose only strong point was his tenacity, clawed and fought his way up the ranks when the whole world was against him. Everybody likes a story like that. And then instead of a sequel we got Sword Oratoria which promptly threw out everything that made the original show good. The protagonist Leifya is annoying at worst and vapid at best, and spends considerable part of the show being useless or pining about being useless, while being part of a filthy rich and powerful adventurer family. At its very worst moment it seemed the show was about to give her some Kirito-level super asspull powers, but thankfully at least that was never heard of again.

The show could have salvaged whatever there was to save with decent production and action sequences, but most of Oratoria felt to be on autopilot, executing the plot without surprises and with remarkable mediocrity. The only action sequence worth mentioning was Bell’s awesome duel with the minotaur which was just cut and pasted from the first season. The grande finale was especially disappointing with very minimal animation down to completely static backgrounds. If the production is in such poor shape that you can’t even afford a slight blurring effect on a static drawing representing a firestorm, it’s certainly saying something.

Let’s just forget this ever happened.

Stupid sexy healing show: Hinako Note

*nervous sweating*

I was only pretending to be retarded: Re-Creators

My sentiments after a few years in corporate life.

(JTFish) hey guys
(JTFish) let’s create generic as fuck anime
(JTFish) except
(JTFish) let’s the fact that it’s generic
(JTFish) is part of the plot

Re:Creators showed some promise but the first cour has gotten bogged down by the same thing that plagued Fate:Zero back in the days – a setting tailor-made for flashy action that is instead dominated by talking heads that talk and talk. Not to mention the gloomy runt of a protagonist whose backstory was as predictable as it was overly melodramatic. There’s a second cour but I wouldn’t hold my breath as it feels that the show has already dealt its best plot cards, and any more flashy action scenes are not in any way guaranteed. Especially since the one character with the best powers had to be killed off for cheap dramatics and the remaining ones are either pretty lame (mostly the good guys) or stupidly broken (the bad guys).

Oh yeah there was this thing too: Sakura Quest

One of the not so great PA Works shows. Sakura Quest tries its hardest, but the setting is pretty dumb and most of the characters forgettable. Forgot about it around episode 10 and don’t really feel like picking it back up.

Broken record: Warau Salesman NEW

I know that feel.

It was fun for a few episodes until I realized it really had no other tricks up its sleeve.

Pretty stale season, I don’t know where I’d be without Uchouten Kazoku having been around to save it. Hopefully the Summer has more promise.

Oh hell yeah.

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