Summer 2017 Conclusion

Dorothy the best spah.

It’s been pretty dead here, but I can at least be bothered to fart out a season conclusion post. My career is closing in on its expiration date anyways and things have gotten a lot calmer from the nightmarish summer. So here’s anime I finished this season, plus one that I didn’t as a bonus.

Show of the season: Made in Abyss

Once few years there’s a show that makes me look for the BD set as soon as the final credits roll. Made in Abyss was one of them. It kills me knowing we might go for a year or two until something new of this level. I see no point in listing the show’s pros because the first few episodes speak for themselves, my only complaint is that it was only a single cour and the story is still far from conclusion. I don’t know how far the original manga has gotten, but I really hope there’s a sequel coming up soon.

Runner-ups: Princess Principal, New Game!!

PriPri gets a pass despite the strongly hinted yurishit because it not only worked well as an action show which is rare by its own right, but also made good use of a novel premise and had a great cast. The second season of New Game!! added a few new characters and continued on the tried and true tracks of its predecessor, no complaints there. IRL circumstances made it somewhat painful to watch though, but that’s life.

The Dark Horse: Gamers!

Gamers! was a show that while fundamentally nothing new on the romantic comedy anime front, managed to constantly catch the viewer unawares by taking completely unexpected turns. The entire setting was a big ol’ bait and switch, and the whole time you’d expect the show to get back to the video game club for some lazy “Haha I know, us gamers, huh?” reference parody, but it never did. While technically Gamers! wasn’t gold standard stuff, its plot direction had the kind of cheekiness that I just can’t help but to like, and a comedy of misunderstandings is a genre you can’t really screw up.

Hanging in there: Fate/Apocrypha

Fate/Apocrypha the Screenshot.

15 I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.
16 So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

The Abyss: Re:Creators

That’s pretty much what corporate types with no shortage of it say.

Like I said on my earlier post, talking heads that talk and talk. Stopped watching around episode 17, because although the action had finally started to kick in I was already sick of the characters, the plot that was just becoming dumber by the minute, and the annoying main villain whose superpower was quite literally asspull. Ten bucks says Apocrypha will meet its fate in due time.

And with that out of the way, here’s a few snaps I took in Norway with a Rollei 35 which I got just in time for a Tamayura rewatch.

Next up Fall 2017 preview. Maybe.

3 Replies to “Summer 2017 Conclusion”

  1. I’ve been a fan of this blog since 2011 so your thoughts have kept me entertained since then, you are still my favorite anime blogger. Hope this isn’t the end and there’s more to come!

    1. Man, someone’s still out there. I feel bad for procrastinating so much, to tell the truth I’ve got a bunch of drafts since this post that I never got around finishing. It’s hard to find the time these days – I’ve been very busy since a year ago as I finally exited the lazy student life for good and my employer has been working me to the bone. Lately photography has taken a sizeable part of my spare time too, even more than before. I’ve actually entertained a thought of posting some basic stuff on that around, but I also don’t want to stray off the theme of the blog and besides there’s photography 101 everywhere the internet.

      I’ll try to get back to posting this season. I’ve at least finished moving to an apartment of my choosing that isn’t the cheapest craphole doghouse in a nasty part of town, and after this month my job will finally become a proper steady career. Hopefully I’ll have some more time for writing too. Although, the photography season is almost at hand again…

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