Fall 2018 Watchlist

The past summer, in brief.

The Fall is here, and now it’s time for 100% correct anime opinions.

Akanesasu Shoujo

My garbage anime of the season. The character designs don’t really impress and there’s just too many herp derp faces to ignore. The plot seems to be going somewhere along the Yuuki Yuuna route and I’ll be damned if the melodrama bomb doesn’t land by the 6th episode. The animation and character proportions are so bad in the second episode already that I’m rather intrigued to see what it will look like five weeks from now.

Gaikotsu Shoten’in Honda-san

A nice and polite skeleton working as a book store clerk isn’t such a bad premise, but based on the first episode I do hope the joke repertoire also includes something else than otaku/fujoshi tropes and general fandom observations. I mean, they can be astute and self-ironical but the older I get the more it feels like smelling one’s own farts than making genuine satire or witty comedy for that matter.

Goblin Slayer

If it’s hostile, you kill it.

Juicy brutality is an underrated field of business that can elevate an otherwise garbage show to a status of something to remember the season by as Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku demonstrated, and Goblin Slayer makes a pretty decent start at it. Unsurprisingly the first episode got all sorts of characters crawling out of the woodwork to declare their outrage, and that’s hardly a minus on my book as the last show I remember pulling the same was Cross Ange which turned out to be god damn genius. Anime these days is remarkably tame and prone of going for the low hanging fruit in most regards (reflecting the sorry state of the industry I’m sure), so it’s refreshing to see someone other than Sunrise attempt to rock the boat a little.

Release the SPYCE

Princess Principal was good enough to ignore the yurishit so who knows, maybe the lightning will strike the same place twice? Although SPYCE has the distinct disadvantage of a generic modern-day setting instead of steampunk and the protagonists are obvious goody-two-shoes instead of professional liars and slum rats. Hell, the more I think about it the worse of an idea this seems. But hey, got only so many shows in this season and I’ve already had enough Index and SAO for several lifetimes.

Tensei Shitara Slime Datta Ken

Kirito is a lot more likable when he’s turned into a slime. Also, encrypting your hard drives isn’t a life insurance, but certainly the next best thing around.


Chuukan Kanriroku Tonegawa

Management by Anglicism.

Remember kids, it takes hard work and sacrifice to succeed, and that’s why you should avoid succeeding. Don’t let them brainwash you. Tonegawa pokes fun of some of the ridiculously dumb situations one eventually ends up in as a middle manager to good effect, but I hope the plot starts picking up soon because the gags aren’t smart enough to support the show on their own. I’m finally starting get used to the narrator at least.

Waiting for a joke to be over but it’s taking forever:

SAO, Index.

The list is still open to new applicants.

(NovaJinx) so
(NovaJinx) who
(NovaJinx) would win
(JTFish) batman
(NovaJinx) Slime
(NovaJinx) or
(NovaJinx) Goblin Slayer
(sage|work) Slime rules over goblins.
(sage|work) lul
(JTFish) dude
(JTFish) slime would win
(JTFish) guaranteed
(JTFish) I mean
(JTFish) goblin slayer
(JTFish) is just
(JTFish) the punisher
(JTFish) in isekai
(JTFish) while slime is rogue
(NovaJinx) then what about
(NovaJinx) Slime
(NovaJinx) vs
(NovaJinx) Kirito
(JTFish) dude
(JTFish) slime would win
(JTFish) kirito is just some guy who’s good at video games and knife fighting fantasy weebs in a parking lot
(NovaJinx) okay then
(NovaJinx) what about
(JTFish) unless you mean
(NovaJinx) Slime
(NovaJinx) vs
(JTFish) fight is IRL
(NovaJinx) Mahoukamang
(JTFish) then sliume would lose
(JTFish) because he’s bad a knifefighting
(JTFish) mahoukaman would win
(JTFish) mahoukaman would win almost any fight
(JTFish) fights he wouldn’t win would be
(JTFish) goku and vegeta
(JTFish) and madara
(JTFish) that’s all I can think of off the top of my head

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