Reset and Ready to Roll

Ever since my life hit the dumps in early 2015, I’ve been neglecting this site. It just got incredibly hard to bring myself to write anything anymore. Even once I got my shit more or less back on track, I found it difficult to get back into the hold habit of writing 120% correct anime opinions, even though I still follow seasonal shows. Don’t think I haven’t felt bad about it, my conscience has been nagging on me for months now. I wanted to get back to writing, but I needed some kind of a push, and what happened to Jinx! a few weeks ago may have been just that. As you might know, a hacker managed to take over the site due to my lack of oversight, by brute forcing an old admin account which I should have deleted. The damage was minimal but to be on the safe side I nuked the entire site down to the databases from the server panel. I had taken a backup XML recently, so I thought it wouldn’t be a big deal to restore things once dust had settled.
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