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The Battle of the Botters – All That Happened in ABT Round 2 Day 9

Since the Aniblog Tourney is showing no signs of recovery, I might as well throw in this post that explains what exactly happened on Day 9. Anyone who was following the polls could clearly tell something wasn’t quite right with the Jinx! vs. Kuriousity match, and so here’s the story. Remember, online polls about Japanese […]

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Fear and Loathing in the Blogosphere – Aniblog Tourney Goes Down for the Count

mfw I guess the organizing crew of the Aniblog Tourney finally figured out that the whole thing was turning into not much else than the Battle of the Botters, with little birds singing left and right about the grand injustice going on behind the scenes. Now, I have a story with more delicious details to […]

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The Return of the Lada

The saga continues.

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Manipulation and Trickery? Cloudy With a Chance of Mud – AniBlog Drama Continues

With the ABT crew dealing with drama popping up left and right like some horribly twisted version of Whack-a-Mole, the thrill ride has only began for the rest of us. I’ve had disappointingly little time to follow the whole shebang myself, but as I happened to make a stroll, something caught my little eye…

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First Blood Drawn? AniBlog Tourney Doesn’t Begin Before the Drama Does (Also Brackets Out)

While the full tourney bracket has now been announced, there’s still some ten days until the carnage begins. But that sure hasn’t stopped the drama from budding already…

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PSA: The AniBlog Tourney

Yet another week draws to an end, and so it’s time for me to break the silence here. The ski season is almost over, and as such I will soon be out of work once again. This is quite convenient as far as this blogging thing goes, as I should be able to cover the […]

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