Winter 2017 Preview

Time for more Aquabutts.

I took a quick look at the upcoming season, and here’s what I whitelisted of the bunch.

PV opens with jazz, my one weakness. Ikemen in uniforms smoking cigarettes and looking fabulous. I know it’s from a josei author and the chances are therefore slim, but hopefully it has something more to it than just the fujoshi appeal. I’ll give it a chance just for the setting.

Akiba’s Trip the Animation
Here’s one for the obligatory garbage dumpster show of the season. How the hell is GONZO even alive anymore? Judging from the PV the art style looks nothing like the game’s illustrations and pretty crappy in general, maybe it’s the KuuSure of the season.

Semicolon-titled adapted trash coming through! Episodically covering the nonsensical shit circus that was Chaos;HEAd was probably the worst decision on my blogging career, and apparently this is supposed to be its sequel. Which means that of course I’m going to watch it lest the past suffering had been in vain. At least it doesn’t have Chaos;HEAd’s cast roster, but let’s face it, the only semicolon adaptation show so far that has been anywhere around decent was Steins;Gate.

Gabriel Dropout
Dogakobo and Oota “Yuru Yuri, Love Lab” Masahiko doing another all-girl cast school comedy show? Fuck yes, sign me up.

Granblue Fantasy the Animation
I wanted to have one of my acquaintances who actually play GBF to cover this one for me, but they’re all busy with grinding the game. I thought I could count on hikago and his alcoholism, but was issued an ultimatum by his guild chief that he’d get fired if I had him do anything to distract him from their activities. Looks like it’s going to have a late start so I have a hunch it might get pushed back a season or two. Chances of it getting the Kancolle anime treatment? I say pretty high. Glad I’m not a fan of the franchise this time.

Hand Shakers
Some kind of battle show. PV tries hard to look flashy, which probably means the first few episodes will be beefy as fuck and the rest full of minimally animated talking heads due to budget running short. But I’ll bite at least to take a look at what kind of setup they’re going for exactly. Battle shows don’t have to look nice if they’re well designed and witty – and likewise it takes hell of a lot of audiovisual horsepower to overcome poor writing.

KonoSuba 2
The unfunniest comedy that has still somehow managed to come across entertaining. The show basically held the audience hostage with the few brilliant gags it only played very sparsely and force-fed garbage jokes in between. Just as one was about to give up to the abuse, it delivered something hilarious and the cycle began anew. And here we are again ready for another beating.

Minami Kamakura Koukou Joshi Jitensha-Bu (MinaKama)
It’s too bad that Long Riders! imploded due to production issues, because I liked the idea. So I find it welcome that JC Staff is willing to pick up the theme of cute girls riding bikes and eating energy jelly. I will forever miss Naobou and Ami’s reaction faces, though. In memoriam.

It’s been a long time since I last indulged in sappy and crappy highschool romance anime, so I might as well give it a taste. Hey, I’m already giving a chance to a josei show up there, so if you’re going to eat shit, you might as well go for the whole menu. Most of the girls seem really plain, but Sakura Ayane can be amazing if she’s doing it right.

Urara Meirochou
Cute girls telling fortunes. The setting really reminds me of Gochiusa, and as it happens, I feel like I’m in a desperate need for a healing type show right now.

One Room
One word: Kantoku.

I can only hope I’ll be able to hit the new season on schedule. I’m going to have to skip town in a few days to grind night shifts like a madman for three weeks minimum. May the Aquabutts be with me.

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