Winter 2017 Season Mop-up

I’m way behind the times yet again as the Spring season has already started, but here’s a wrap-up of the past Winter.

The show of the season: ACCA

This has got the one of the weirdest shows I’ve seen in a while. I didn’t think successfully mixing conspiracy, political thriller and lazy, relaxing slice of life into a single show was possible, or that there would be someone crazy enough to even try such a feat. What’s even more baffling is that it actually worked. Given my unexpected work situation over the past months, I found great sympathy with ACCA’s laid-back protagonist being dragged into world-class political conspiracy when all he wanted was a cozy routine desk job, and facing it with an expression of dry amusement. An unconventional and interesting watch.

Runner-up: Little Witch Academia

The Fear and the Loathing in Sucy.

I’m not a fan of Trigger, but LWA has been a very pleasant watch so far. Great visuals, but the story takes a long time to get moving, and Luna Nova lacks the substance and mystery that I would expect of anime Hogwarts. Looking forward to the second cour, as it seems we’re finally getting to the juicy bits.

Healing spring: Urara Meirochou

Bellies are fine too. I really hope for a second season, and soon.

Comedies that were okay but should have been better: Gabriel DropOut, KonoSuba S2

Cute girls, little substance: MinaKama

Low brow but watchable: Akiba’s Trip

Turning 30 was truly a magical thing.

Barely below the cut: Chaos;Child, Masamune-kun no Revenge

The only screenshot I had of the whole damn show.
Best grill, just not best enough to sustain my interest.

What the fuck ever who gives a shit: Hand Shakers

…you can’t keep up with just any sort of garbage.

Next week is shaping up to be absolute torture so who knows when I can get to enjoying the current season. Hopefully by the next weekend. Here you go with a few macro shots, cliché but fun every once in a while:

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    1. Seems like the best show that I didn’t watch. I downloaded the batch recently, I’ll try it when I have some spare time.

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