I live.

Hi, it’s Nova. I’m still alive, much too busy with pretending to be an upstanding citizen eight hours a day five days a week, and being a degenerate deadbeat who takes photos of rocks and plastic toys for the rest of his waking hours. Now since we’re all here huddled around these barely warm remains of a dumpster fire that once was, let me give a real quick run down of what I’m watching right now. Because anime just won’t leave me.

Eizouken: If I’d watched this 10 years ago, I would have loved it to bits. Great characters and visual style. Likely the best thing to come out of the season.

FGO: Babylonia: lol Ishtar reaction faces.

Heya Camp: Jesus Christ how comfy.

ID Invaded: Hondomachi’s detective outfit is hot. The plot will implode soon because let’s face it: Shows like this never work out in the end.

Ishuzoku Reviewers: How this show got Funimation to shit itself and resurrected a 13 years old meme is more amusing than anything actually in it.

Railgun T: Why am I even watching this? Oh yeah, the remote control boobs. So far the show hasn’t dedicated much screen time to the worst supporting characters (Saten, Uiharu, Kuroko), so that’s a plus I guess.

See you next time.

2 Replies to “I live.”

  1. I am not onboard with the Room Camp. It’s the same trap of a sequel removing the good parts of the successful season into which Yama no Susume S3 has fallen. Seriously dropped both.

  2. Heya Camp is like some sort of Greek god tormenting us with a brief glimpse of paradise only to end it 4 minutes later, forever.

    Naturally I’ve started rewatching Yuru Camp to try and stave off the withdrawal symptoms.

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