The Spring 2021 List

It won’t let me post without a picture so here’s one.

It’s been about a year since I last posted something so I guess it’s about time to fill the 2021’s quota.

86 – Undecided on this one. The action in the second episode was excellent but many crucial elements of the setting don’t really make any sense at all. The main chick is as boring as they come but the 86er crew is a good collection of misfits. Needs more exposition before I can make a judgment.

Hige wo Soru – I definitely agree on The Dude’s idea that the day you stop caring about shaving carefully every day is the day you enter the ossanhood. Also I suppose the day when waking up after a night of drinking to a hot teenager in your apartment turns from being a fantasy into a nightmare scenario that makes all your instincts scream of danger. Just the time I had to let in some woman of my age who was screaming help outside my door spooked the shit out of me, because there was no knowing when the 200cm/150kg tattoo’d disintegrator BF she was on the run from would show up for a friendly chat. I spent the following week sleeping one eye open and with a camera set up in the hallway ready to record my untimely and violent demise to a combination of a lead pipe and heavy boots. For a 30-something single man to be able to play the white knight route is supposedly the ultimate fantasy according to internet troglodytes but I felt like a deer caught in the headlights whose only remaining course of action would be accepting one’s oncoming doom. Those were some bad times, man.

Nagatoro – Delicious. Excellent reaction faces too.

Odd Taxi – Very interesting start. A grizzled cynical taxi driving walrus (now there’s my spirit animal) getting involved with the Tokyo underworld. Complete with a femme fatale alpaca and a corrupt cop archetype. Either this will be some real good stuff or the plot will completely devolve in a few episodes. But I commend the effort of trying to make something like this in this modern age of run of the mill isekais and whatnot. Will be watching with interest.

Sentouin, Hakenshimasu! – It’s a low quality and dumb but my kind of dumb. The big titty Cirno is the best.

Super Cub – This is exactly what I need after a day of fixing constant problems while trying to do my routines while also pretending to pay attention to an 8-hour budgeting meeting on Teams where I had to attend because some recently hired career rocket had the bright idea that all low tier managers should be in attendance because then they would be too and who doesn’t love listening to executives droning about figures for 8 hours? They might accidentally notice your carefully prepared figure in a tiny corner of the attendance mosaic and think of the possibilities! Corporate Survival Protip: They now have one more low-echelon face they remember when it’s time for downsizing.

Zombieland Saga Revenge – I can forgive the first episode lacking spunk for a returning franchise but the one that followed was rather stale as well. The show really needs to step up with its gags, there’s no real point in watching this over every other idol show ever. What’s the use of having a crew of undead as idols if you’re just going to repeat every generic idol thing every other show’s done?

That’s it for now. See you in 2022?

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