Spring 2018 Power Levels or Something

I apologize to the faithful few of you who are still out there waiting for an update. I know I’m supposed to be doing my part to battle the utterly terrible anime opinions dominating what’s left of the blogosphere, but for the last year I’ve been busy with soldiering on at work as my employer kept working me to the bone while dangling a steady contract before my poverty-stricken eyes (“God damnit pal, if you want this job you better reach out and grab it“). Also photography keeps taking an increasing share of my spare time and energy, and the high season’s just around the corner again. But after this month my contract will finally become a steady one and I’ve finished moving into my first non-shithole apartment since 2014, so hopefully things will settle down a little and I can get back to writing again.

Sword Art Online Alternative: GGO

Spinoff show of a nerd power fantasy anime turned out to be a nerd power fantasy anime. Woe is me. Although in all fairness LLENN got more character development in two episodes than Kirito did in all seasons combined. I will keep going to see what kind of juvenile and dumb character melodrama they have in store because this is SAO and there’s got to be one. All bets on Pito.

Full Metal Panic! Invisible Victory

What a time to be alive. What a time for GONZO to be dead so they couldn’t possibly have a chance at ruining this. Our God is an awesome God. I missed Satsuki Yukino so much.

Last Period

Why did I pick this up again? I don’t really know. But the Team R-erm, Wiseman girls are pretty funny, at least in the Joshiraku-ish ED sequence. Bonus points for the bullshit gacha girl.

Shokugeki no Soma San no Sara: No breaks on the chef train

If you need some internet tough guy with a cartoon blog to tell you what you should think about the fourth season of a show, then watching anime is probably one of the least significant problems in your life. Took so many damn seasons for the ice queen to warm up but it was worth it.

Shameful display:

Mahou Shoujo Site – I was hoping for some overdone grimdark Madoka-attempt like the Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku that successfully fell into the “So dumb it’s genius” category, but the first 10 minutes were already too overbearing for my sensitive 30-something fat balding man’s psyche. I thought this sort of school bully caricatures became obsolete in the Showa period.

Comic Girls – Yuri vibes everywhere. Already spent my tolerance on Slow Start in the past season, and I didn’t even finish that one.

And…that’s all. Disappointing, ain’t it? I know right. I might try Megalo Box for something different, other suggestions are also welcome.


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  1. Good to see another post from you.

    The comedic timing in Hinamatsuri has been on point, so if you’re in the mood for a comedy it could be worth checking out.

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